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May 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
death of wesley brown in 2010. brown was working at part-time officer. williams came back letter and shot him. >> the search for fred bealefeld will begin with a panel of experts. fred bealefeld will be involved in the search for his replacement. the mayor says she would like to see a successor chosen prior to his departure. back to work for the jury deliberating the future of julius henson. he is accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote by issuing robocalls. >> finding a group to organize the baltimore grand prix. a new deal was announced on thursday led in part by michael andretti. the city will bring in more money than last year's event. >> it is an exceptional deal with a good promoter. you have a legitimate chance of success at this point. >> the city council must still sign off on the deal. >> a massive marijuana growing operation goes up in smoke. an anonymous tip led detectives to a basement with a found 341 marijuana plants worth more than five letter thousand dollars -- $500,000. manoj unni faces several counts. >> he had air filters, water pumping system
May 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
about the president's trip with brian williams. with bobbyrview brown. ryan o'neal made headlines on tuesday. we will need the piano progeny -- we will meat a piano prodigy. >> 62 degrees on tv hill. >> coming up, we'll take a last look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day. >> time to get to your answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- does someone lose ownership of an item, like a lottery ticket, once they throw it away? >> we will post more of your answers on the front page of our website, >> is the rain impacting things? >> we have some problems along the route 1 conowingo dam because of a tractor-trailer accident at a fuel spill. it is expected to be shut down for several hours. have an accident in edgewood. and for a crash on the shoulder southbound 95 at o'donnell. and heavy delays on the beltway. slow spots leading up to o'donnell. route 1 shutdown in both ways at the conowingo dam. >> the rain will be off and on like yesterday. another batch of storms late this afternoon or this evening. high
May 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
sentence. cyril williams may spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing wesley brown. >> president obama changes course and declares his support for same-sex marriage. this raises the political stakes on an issue where many americans are evenly split. tara mergener has more. >> good morning. president obama is actually the first sitting president to endorse same-sex marriage. it is a controversial move that could impact the election. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> that announcement on wednesday. this is a reversal for president obama, who has supported civil unions but said marriage was between a man and a woman. >> i have been going through an evolution on this issue. i have always been adamant that gay and lesbian americans should be treated fairly and equally. >> this is good news for gay- rights activts, but it is not clear how this will play out with other voters. the latest gallup poll shows half of americans support same- sex marriage. 48% do not. >> i don't favor marriage between people of the same gender and i do not favor civil unions. >> th
May 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
on whether any of the horses were injured. 6000 fish died. it is turning the water reddish- brown because of the heavy rains last year. >> per 7 answer for a church -- prayers have been answered for a church. member say the church has been the target of numerous cases of vandalism and theft. >> changes could be in the works for the white maryland public schools to allow discipline -- the way maryland public schools is doling out discipline. this was the subject of a recent i-team investigation. there are also examining how many students were placed on long-term expulsions and why. >> it takes the form of a suspension that should not be suspension. >> the board is expected to vote on changes in the policy next month. >> success comes on the backs of others, lots of others. [cheers] 1000 academy of fresh mint fought their way up a statute covered with lard. the goal is to replace the dixie cup within upperclassman's hat. andrew craig reached the top in over two hours. legend has it whoever reaches the top becomes the classes first admiral or general. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weathe
May 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
with a photographer. we're gearing up for a holiday concert from bobby brown when we get started on a monday morning. >> 6:54. >> still ahead, some answers to our water cooler question of the day and a last look at the holiday forecast. stay with us graduation, huh ? crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. >> time to get to your answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked you to share your memorial day message with an individual or a general tribute. >> we will post more of your answers on the front page of our website, list so people do remember what it is all about-- let's hope people do remember what it is all about. >> i think most of the day will be dry. we will cool down by the end of the week. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a great day.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5